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Ranch Saver USPS Box of Organic California Valencia Oranges


Our Orchard Fresh oranges are bright and beautiful. Cultivated in the rich soil and abundant sunshine of California, their flavor is refreshingly tart with a pulp that is sweet. Thin-skinned and sweet with a long shelf life, Valencia Oranges are versatile and luscious. Simply peel and eat! Section Valencias for a favorite recipe; juice a few for the best orange juice you've ever tasted. The juice can be frozen for future enjoyment. Organic oranges can have almost 30% more vitamin C than their chemically produced counterparts. They are usually somewhat smaller and much more flavorful. Green marks on the skin are not indicative of under-ripeness, they will be just as sweet, and those brown freckled ones are usually the sweetest, as any small scale orange grower will attest to. Approx. 8 lbs Organic Valencia oranges shipped in a USPS flat rate box. What a perfect gift: healthful, delicious and low calorie. Perfect for every occasion.

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