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The Pleasant Valley Ranch offers the best organic oranges found in California that our family sells through our website CaliforniaOranges.com. People buy our oranges and other citrus fruits and find it to be a an appreciated gift idea presented to either family, friends or business associates. Our award winning California oranges are the best tasting and best quality that you can ever hope to find in organic citrus anywhere in the USA.

Seedless California Orange

The Navel orange is a delicious seedless California orange that many find as the best tasting orange in the world. Our organic Navel oranges are easy to peel, healthy and incredibly delicious while being low in calories. The Pleasant Valley Ranch offers our oranges in many sizes including jumbo and snack sized options. The Ranch can send out our oranges in economic flat rate boxes to help you save.

Buy Oranges - Valencia Oranges

Our certified organic Valencia oranges are grown in a blissful micro climate at the base of the Sierra Mountain range next to the San Joaquin Valley. The family favorite is the Valencia orange because of its heavenly sweetness. When you buy our oranges you too can enjoy fruit that is ripened on the tree and only picked when your order is received. You will taste the difference.

Order the Best Organic Oranges in California Online

When you buy oranges online from our family ranch we will ship them to any location in the United States. Choose from bags, boxes, bushels to our lovely gift box for that special person in your life. We offer affordable flat rate shipping for our California oranges and other citrus fruits.

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California Oranges

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