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Aphytis Melinus
Aphytis - Aphytis melinus Aphytis linganensis Red scale parasitoids
Aphytis Melinus
Target Pests Red Scale, Oriental Scale, Oleander Scale Crops suitable Citrus, passion fruit, olives, walnuts, roses, papaws and ornamentals. Description Tiny yellow wasps capable of short flights within a tree or to the next tree. Adult female lays her eggs under the scale cover onto the body of female scales. After hatching the aphytis larva feeds on the scale insect. Want to learn more....http://www.goodbugs.org.au/Good%20bugs%20available/Resources/aphytis.pdf
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Pleasant Valley Ranch has been family-owned and operated since 1937. The mail order business for our award-winning, certified organic oranges and other produce was established over 70 years ago, and our family has been raising oranges in this region for over 100 years
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