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Oranges Are Awesome
10 Health Boosters in Oranges
Oranges Are Awesome

10 Awesome Health Boosters in Oranges Oranges are Awesome!  Mother Nature’s kindness is evident in the Navel orange. In the wet grey of the winter, just when we need it most, this cold-weather fruit provides a welcome break from the darkness with a burst of color and tangy-sweet, strikingly summery refreshment. In addition to being simply delicious in both whole and freshly-juiced forms, the orange contains a wide and impressive range of elements that are not only good for helping us maintain good health, but could serve as a proactive defense against cancers and heart disease. Consider the orange’s distinguished table of contents: D-limonene and other limonoids—these citrus-fruit compounds help fight skin, lung, breast, stomach and colon cancer Carotenoids—vitamin A compounds that may help prevent liver cancer and macular degeneration Soluble dietary fiber—lowers cholesterol and promotes digestive health Potassium—maintains heart function and supports eye health Hesperidin—a flavonoid that reduces cholesterol, prevents artery blockage, and regulates high blood pressure Vitamin C—neutralizes free radicals, which cause chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease; boosts immunity and prevents infection; supports eye health; slows aging effects, produces collagen, and wards off scurvy Polyphenols—these powerful antioxidants prevent viral infection Magnesium—maintains blood pressure Beta-carotene—an antioxidant that, like vitamin C, protects skin from free radicals and prevents signs of aging Folate, folic acid—promotes brain development, maintains brain health Do your health a wintertime favor today—eat an orange. Your body will be glad you did!

Located in Springville, California at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Pleasant Valley Ranch is part of the Great San Joaquin Valley, which produces as much as 48% of the food supply for the United States.

Pleasant Valley Ranch has been family-owned and operated since 1937. The mail order business for our award-winning, certified organic oranges and other produce was established over 70 years ago, and our family has been raising oranges in this region for over 100 years
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